A comment on your recent stay in Weirford Garden Barn would be much appreciated. A star rating would also be very useful to prospective guests. No details of your identity are recorded although the date of your stay would be helpful. You may use your name, initials or an alias if you prefer.
Wonderful calm and quiet
Really nice place to stay
It almost feels like coming home...
The analogue guest book is filled with our entries as we have been visiting Gardenbarn for over a decade now. Today - contemporary - we use the digital guest book.
Anyone who books the same accommodation as often as we did is not doing so by accident. Avril and Mike are wonderful hosts and meanwhile have become good friends to us.
What sets them apart as a landlord is - they always develop Gardenbarn a little further. Sometimes it's new furniture, sometimes a larger television or Mike builds an anteroom that keeps the cold air out of the living room. Most recently it was a new WIFI router with super fast internet access.
For the third time our friends Barbara and Michael are guests in Weirford House - twice together with us and on a summer holiday alone.
In April 2023 the four of us again had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing Avril and Mike again at Weirford House! Roland Kerstin, Barbara and Michael from Schermbeck / Germany
Rich Biddlecombe
Simply wonderful
This is our 2nd time at Weirford House and it never seems to disappoint. Wonderful people in and around the area with amazing views and walks. We love coming here and wouldn't settle for anything less, thank you Avril and Mike for your warm hospitality and kindness shown to us. I would highly recommend Weirford House but then again I wouldn't want it being so busy that we find it difficult to come back....only joking. We can't wait for our next stay with you both.
Great place and people
I booked this for my sister and brother in-law.  They both loved the location and facilities. They felt it was a cosy retreat  and could not get over the lovely garden. Fantastic value.
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